FAITH NO MORE - "Sunny Side Up" music video

A music video I directed for my favorite band, faith no more, for the single "sunny side up" off their latest album sol invictus. this collaboration led to the band helping me out with the music in my new film mayhem. 


311 - "Hey you" music video

Here is a music video I directed for the band 311 (one of many), which was shot in downtown Los Angeles in 2009.


Raya Yarborough & Bear McCreary - "Silent Night" music video 

This music video was created to promote the everly soundtrack, which I directed and was produced by rainfall films (who also did the spectacular vfx).  


Strapping Young Lad - "Love?" Music video

Inspired by the classic horror film the evil dead, this video I directed premiered on miv's the headbangers ball in 2005 and was what got me in the room at 20th century fox to pitch on wrong turn 2.

fun fact: the living room here was also the original living room set for rosenanne!


DEVILDRIVER - "hold back the day" music video

My second video for the metal band "devildriver" where we lovingly recreated the old-school psychedelic video look for the single "hold back the day". 


311 - "Short TIme Bomb" music video 

Inspired by the metallica video for "one", I re-edited footage from the underrated cagney coleman action film short time into a fun remix using 311's single "time bomb". I love doing these! 


devildriver - "nothings wrong?" music video

I directed, co-shot and edited this music video for devildriver which premiered on miv's headbangers ball in 2004. for a video made for 50 bucks, it sports more cuts than an michael bay movie and a cameo from yours truly! Gotta love happy accidents. 


sugarcult - "bouncing (off the walls) music video

AN early music video I co-directed with Steve Oritt for the band sugarcoat. This footage was shot by steve who went to london with the band in 2003 and together we created this fun live version of the song. 


beastie boys - "pop your INNERSPACE" music video

While not an official music video, I was inspired to mash-up two of my favorite things, innerspace and beastie boys, and here's the result using the beastie's "pop your balloon" single and the opening scene of joe dante's cult classic. good thing is I heard mca (RIP) saw it and approved!  


VeXt - "prescription" music video

I personally love this video; we had no money, no permits, no time and of course it began to rain. but what makes this video a favorite is that we took the approach that 'whatever happens or whoever shows up, it makes it in the video" so we called this "improv filming" while we shot on the boardwalk of coney island in 2005. enjoy the cameo at the end! 


bear Mccreary - "roslin & adama (live)" music video

This was a live video I produced, directed and edited for g4 as a bonus music video for bear mccreary's live performance with the battlestar galactica orchestra in 2008 at the roxy in hollywood, ca.  


DVDA - "What would brian boitano do?" music video

My first music video! Trey Parker (SOUTH PARK) asked me to film this live show at Sundance naturally I went a step further. Scrappy as hell but still a lot of (un-P.C.) fun!