EVERLY is an intense action thriller set in a contained apartment over the course of one harrowing night where Everly (Salma Hayek) must fight, shoot and kill her way through scores of Yakuza and other dangerous characters to save herself as well as her family from a sinister crime boss. 

The film was written by Yale Hannon & Joe Lynch and produced by crime scene pictures in belgrade, Serbia in 2013. The script was on 2010's "Black List" for best unproduced scripts that year. 

The film premiered at FantasticFest in Austin, TX in 2014 and was released by TWC/RADIUS in 2015. It is currently streaming on netflix and available on VOD, BLU-RAY and DVD. 



Here is the theatrical trailer for everly that played in theaters in January 2015. 


EVERLY - The Kate Hudson Style Teaser 

Before there was Salma...there was Kate Hudson as Everly! We originally cast the ALMOST FAMOUS starlet in the titular role in 2012 and shot a "style promo" using new footage as well as other film footage to create a visual example of how we were going to shoot EVERLy, which was used to sell the movie in the berlin film festival. Unfortunately Kate had to leave the project but this will always remain...


EVERLY - The ripomatic 

When we first sent the script for everly out to agents, producers and financiers, we included this video to give the reader an idea of how everly was going to be conceived visually. this helped the film get noticed as well as be placed on 2010's "black list" for the year's best unproduced scripts. A little rough around the edges since we used previously filmed shots and footage, but seemed to have worked!  


EVERLY - San Diego COmic Con 2014 

TO promote EVERLY, Salma and I took part in a hall H panel to discuss EVERLY to thousands of fans at SDCC.